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360 Degree Advantage

Welcome to 360 Degree Advantage.


Our Mission is to create web and mobile applications that focus on our desire to amplify the voices of the overlooked, misunderstood, and the underestimated. 

We use technology and creative thinking to help resolve societal problems and challenges. Problems and challenges that significantly impact people's lives.


We use design thinking to create applications that focus on stubborn problems.  Problems that prevent people from feeling safe, secure, understood, and connected. 


We also develop web-based applications that mitigate or remove challenges and complications that degrade the quality of life for those facing physical challenges.

What have we been working on?

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360 Degree Advantage Blog

Image of 360 Degree Advantage newsletter.
Image of 360 Degree Advantage newsletter.

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Web Applications

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The Wheel'ly Felt Report is a consumer reporting web application intended to improving accessibility for people with disabilities and caregiver. Click on image to learn more, or go to

Just Click Protection Index Page

Just Click Protection is designed to give victims of abuse a way to discreetly request help from family, friends, and authorities without being noticed by the abuser. Click on image to learn more, or visit

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